Mydwynter Studios

Month: May 2021

crow epaulets

coppercrow leather epaulets

Epaulets for a faerie festival character named The Coppercrow. Hand-tooled leather, feathers, beads, yarn, and other bits and bobs.

inkle weaving

Fifteen years’ experience weaving on an inkle loom has produced countless (truly countless) tapes, which have been used as belts, trim, bracelets, ties, guitar straps, and the base for costuming items, such as bellydance belts.

mac durnan azure mountain

Azure Mountain award scroll, inspired by the Initium page of the Mac Durnan Gospels. (November, 2012) The scroll layout is largely based upon the Initium page, though due to the recipient’s name and device, I replaced all beasts with a boar.

pirate outfit

pirate coat detail

I’ve been sewing (and draping) for well over twenty years, some of which have been paid, commissioned pieces, some have been barter, but even more have just been for fun. Most have been costumes—predominately historical or historical-fantasy. This pirate costume is entirely made up, though it flies under the radar at a lot of quasi-historical

turkish wedding certificate

Wedding certificate, 2011. Pattern derived from Turkish tiles. The text is English, though with a script constructed to look like that from an Arabic manuscript. (I would not do such a thing nowadays, because it’s—to put it simply—disrespectful. Instead I’d use a script used for English and appropriate time period and feeling for the piece.)