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Moralia in Job, f2r

“Those who don’t know how to write don’t really appreciate this work. But if you want to know how hard the writer’s task is, try to do it yourself. It dims the sight, stoops the back and draws the chest and belly together, it is a terrible test for the whole body. Therefore, kind reader, turn these pages carefully and keep your finger away from the text. Because just as hail destroys the fruits of spring, in the same way a careless reader is a nightmare for books and writing.” —Florencio, colophon of ‘Moralia in Job’


• 2nd century student’s wax tablet
BL Add MS 34186

• Grand Heures of Anne of Brittany
BNF Ms lat. 9474

• De differentia spiritus et animae
BNF MS lat. 12953

• Megilat Esther
Kislak LJS 41

• Illuminated pedigree compiled by Thomas Gardiner, Monk of Westminster, showing the descent of Henry VIII from Cadwallader, Hugh Capet, Alfred and William the Conqueror, 1542/1564
BOD MS. Eng. hist. e. 193

• Medical and Astrological Miscellany
Kislak LJS 463

• Moralia in Job de San Gregorio
BNE Mss/80
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• Holbein portrait of Sir Nicholas Poyntz:
RCT RCIN 912234

• Pharmeceutical recipe book of Henry VIII:
BL Sloane MS 1047

• Egyptian Box for Ushabtis or Canopic Jars:
The Walters 63.6

• Egyptian Papyrus: Teaching of Amenemope/Calendar of Lucky and Unlucky Days.
British Museum EA10474,1

• Byzantine Seal with John the Baptist
Dumbarton Oaks BZS 1958.106.8
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• Gospel Lectionary with Marginal Illuminations
Dumbarton Oaks MS 1, BZ.1939.12

• Book of Nunnaminster
BL Harley MS 2965

• Royal Prayerbook
BL Royal MS 2 A XX

• Harleian Prayerbook
BL Harley MS 7653

• Book of Cerne
CUL MS Ll.1.10