“Anglo Saxon” MELTING POT

explore the myriad cultures and styles that met within Early Medieval British manuscripts


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British Library’s Anglo Saxon portal:


Chessell Down Square-Headed Brooch
Sutton Hoo Buckle
Sutton Hoo Purse Lid
Franks Casket
Ruthwell Cross
Strickland brooch
Codex Amiatinus
Lindisfarne Gospels
St Cuthbert Gospels
St Augustine Gospels
Vespasian Psalter
Tiberius Bede
Codex Aureus
Book of Cerne
The Harleian Prayerbook
Royal Prayerbook
Book of Nunnaminster
Royal Bible
Barberini Gospels
Lives of St Cuthbert
Bosworth Psalter
Rule of St Benedict
St Dunstan’s Classbook
New Minster Charter
Benediction of St Æthelwold
Utrecht Psalter
Harley Psalter
Ramsay Psalter
Eadui Psalter
Winchcombe Psalter