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anubh’s pearl

featured image of scroll

Scroll honoring Lady Anubh na Preachain being granted the Order of the Pearl. Words, design, and production by me. Well-come all in | and be warmed by the wisdomof Anubh Na Preachain. | Let Pearls now anointher heart and hearth, | heralding the skillof this coin-reader, | curiosity-currier,tree-wearer, | weaving tapes and tales.The egg nurtures

runa’s pearl

sketch vs result of runa's scroll

Scroll for the Pearl award granted to Rúna Skógadóttir in November 2021. Design mine, inspired by the Loughnashade trumpet, a Polden Hill harness fitting, the Clanmacnoise torc, and various Iron Age coins from the South Norfolk Hoard and the Hallaton Treasure. Artwork made beautifully-real by Kolfinna Valravn. More comprehensive writeup below. My final design: My